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A Quick Stop In The Orkney Islands Scotland – Retirement Travel Article

A Quick Stop In The Orkney Islands Scotland Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest0 A Quick Stop In The Orkney Islands After we visited Edinburgh, we headed to our second port in Scotland for a quick stop in the Orkney Islands. The ship docked in Kirkwall on the Mainland Island. This is the largest of about 70 that make up the Orkney Islands. As with many of the places we stopped on our cruise of the Nordic countries, the Orkney Islands…

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Visiting the Chalukya Temples of Aihole and Pattadakal – USA Travel Article

Visiting the Chalukya Temples of Aihole and Pattadakal In the southwestern state of Karnataka in India, nestled deep within the semi-arid region of Bagalkot, lies the beautiful ensemble of Chalukya Temples, part of the Group of Monuments at Pattadakal—a lesser-known UNESCO World Heritage Site in India. Not many know about Pattadakal. And that’s why it still remains a pretty offbeat destination in India.When you’re in Karnataka, you will probably have the awe-inspiring Hampi included in your itinerary. A bouldered landscape,…

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Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points Will No Longer Expire – Business Travel Article

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points Will No Longer Expire Southwest Airlines announced significant changes to its Rapid Rewards frequent-flyer program. In a major shift, the airline said the its Rapid Rewards award miles will never expire. The move follows a similar announcement by United Airlines at the end of August. United had been the first to award members miles that did expire, starting in 1989, a concept that eventually became the industry standard.  Delta Air Lines was the first to offer…

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Mysore the city of palaces – Travel Article

A beautiful city in India located on the foothills of the beautiful Chamundi Hills in southwest Karnataka, Mysore is also famous as the “city of palaces”. Officially known as Mysuru, it served as the capital city of the Mysore Kingdom from 1399 to 1947. The name Mysore meaning ‘Abode of Mahisha’ in Kannada is famous for its palaces, silk, spices, and sandalwood. Mysore is well connected by rail, road and flights from all the major cities in India. Mysore Palace: The…

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Surrealism in the National Gallery (until October 20th) – Budapest Travel Article

Surrealism in the National Gallery (until October 20th) There are only a few days left for Surrealist lovers in Budapest to enjoy an awesome exhibition currently on display in the National Gallery. Doesn’t it sound awesome to watch an exhibition in which you can see works made by Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, René Magritte, Pablo Picasso and Francis Picabia? You have the chance for a couple of more days in the National Gallery in Budapest. Surrealist…

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A Spotlight on Fantastic Fun Things to do in Portland Oregon – Retirement Travel Article

A Spotlight on Fantastic Fun Things to do in Portland Oregon There are so many fun things to do in Portland Oregon. We spent two days there and had such a great time. But before I tell you about the things we did, a few interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Portland. Portland is a walkable city filled with green spaces making it a great place to visit. Most nature lovers do not think of city centers when they…

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Cost of Living in Beijing: An Insider’s Guide – USA Travel Article

Cost of Living in Beijing: An Insider’s Guide Blending ancient history with sophisticated urban life, Beijing is one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia. Although the cost of visiting and living in Beijing has recently become more expensive, it’s still affordable compared to other western and Asian cities around the world. Your cost of living in Beijing depends entirely on how you choose to spend your money. It’s possible to spend a hefty amount on clothes, goods, and food in…

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5 books to take on your next work trip – Business Travel Article

5 books to take on your next work trip The books on this travel reading list will check your jaded feelings about hitting the road for more work than play and inspire you to reevaluate your work–life balance.Hey, remember books? They’re the things you keep meaning to read more of but don’t “have enough time for” between work, family, whatever fitness routine you’re on this week, and the latest T.V. show everyone’s watching. Admittedly, these things are pretty valid excuses…

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Thailand Shot by You Sweepstakes Winner Interview – Travel Article

Our Thailand Shot by You Sweepstakes winners, Cara and Steph Bono are here to dish out all the highlights from their time in Thailand, after participating in the classic Thailand on a Shoestring Tour and soaking up all that Thailand has to offer. 1. What was your itinerary like, and what places did you hit up? We went on the Thailand on a Shoestring tour with STA travel starting in Bangkok and ending in Koh Tao. During the 15 days…

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Measuring the Mountain – Sweden Travel Article

Measuring the Mountain “Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was,” Dag Hammarskjold, 1925-1930. “Markings” is a book that once was on every person’s shelf. I would venture to say that it still is. The sad part is that most people have not even looked at it. After you open it you immediately are swept into the thoughts of someone who died many years ago. This man lived…

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Luxury Travel Iceland | Iceland luxury tours – Scandinavian Travel Article

Luxury Travel Iceland | Iceland luxury tours What’s on your bucket list? Are you missing a trip to Iceland? Iceland is one of the stunning countries you can’t miss traveling. The amazing North is one of the best places to visit; Northern lights are really beautiful to experience. When planning a trip to North don’t forget our Iceland luxury tours that we offer. Tans will go but Iceland memories won’t. It is worth visiting the country. Southern Part of Iceland…

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Red Dot’s Top 25 Places to Stay in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Travel Article

Red Dot’s Top 25 Places to Stay in Sri Lanka After weeks of excitement and anticipation, today we present you the top five properties to stay in Sri Lanka. These hotel stays are utterly unforgettable- top-notch service, delightful dishes and jaw-dropping locations. There’s no wonder that these five properties are the ones that our guests loved most this year. So let us present Red Dot’s Best Places to Stay in Sri Lanka, without further ado. Read on and check whether…

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Anata no Warehouse: The Dystopian Arcade Just for Adults – Tokyo Travel Article

Anata no Warehouse: The Dystopian Arcade Just for Adults IMPORTANT: Anata no Warehouse will be closing its doors for good on November 17, 2019.Step off the streets of Kawasaki and into a dystopian amusement arcade: Anata no Warehouse. It’s part sci-fi, part dedicated re-make of the original Walled City of Kowloon.Photo by Lily Crossley-BaxterFive minutes from Kawasaki Station, this unusual arcade stands nonchalantly between regular tower blocks as if completely unaware of it’s faux-rusty exterior next to their polished cement. Impossible…

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