The Fjäderholmarna Islands – Sweden Travel Article

The Fjäderholmarna Islands Arriving at Fjäderholmarna I have written a few articles about eating dinner at the restaurant Fjäderholmarnas Krog (for example, last year). However, this past weekend I decided to treat my visiting parents to lunch at the restaurant and visit some of the businesses there that are only open during the day, which one misses when dining there in the evening.Catching the ferry in Gamla Stan Fjäderholmarna means “the feather islands” and is made up of four islands,…

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‘Light Winter’ Holiday Svalbard – Snow & Fun – Polar Playground – Norway Travel Article

‘Light Winter’ Holiday Svalbard – Snow & Fun – Polar Playground Day 1: Fly Dublin to Oslo or Tromso, or sometimes Copenhagen or Stockholm depending on the flight schedules. Stay one night in a 3* hotel (room only in Oslo, B&B in other cities. If staying in Tromsø, airport coach transfers are included). Days 2-4: Fly from Norway to Svalbard. Arrive early afternoon. Easy coach transfer to the Funken Lodge boutique hotel, or the recently refurbished Radisson Blue central hotel,…

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