Hurtigruten Explorer Cruises – Norway Holidays, Tours & Voyages from Ireland – Norway Travel Article

Hurtigruten Explorer Cruises – Norway Holidays, Tours & Voyages from Ireland There is no single supplement on the following 2020 Explorer Voyages. Destinations include:Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Northwest Passage, North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Norway and Svalbard. Voyages: Antarctica / South America / FalklandsDates: various dates to mid-March 2020 & 21 October 2020Duration: various – 13 up to 20 daysShips: various Voyage: Norway & Spitsbergen – the Sportsman’s RouteDate: 23 April 2020Duration: 14 daysShips: MS Spitsbergen Voyages: Norwegian…

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Cruising in Antarctica – from Ireland – Norway Travel Article

Cruising in Antarctica – from Ireland Antarctica is different from anything else you will ever experience. A continent enclosed by a cold water current circling a landmass so large that the total area of France, Germany and Spain would fit in – ten times. It is so cold that only two species of vascular plants have found it habitable here. It is covered with a sheet of ice averaging a thickness of more than 2000 meters. There are no permanent…

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10 Steps to Antarctica | The Fighting Couple – Couples Travel Article

10 Steps to Antarctica | The Fighting Couple We often hear about our travels, ”what a trip of a lifetime”.    But this trip was different. This one was special.  Antarctica. Antarctica!In a previous post, I shared how meaningful going to Antartica was because it was a lifetime goal set by a kid in rural Idaho. Back in high school, I (Mike) set the audacious goal to set foot on all seven continents and swim in the seven seas.  I…

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Into the Deep: An Antarctica Vacation – Travel Article

Antarctica is literally frozen in time. Blanketed in a stark, surreal yet strikingly beautiful silence, it is the only uninhabited place on our planet – Earth’s last great wilderness. And this is what makes an Antarctica vacation truly exhilarating and fascinating. 4 min Author: AkhilaEnormous ice shelves as far as the eye can see. An area spanning almost twice the size of Australia. Icy, towering mountain ranges. Magnificent glaciers. Excited penguins. Slow-moving whales. Seals plunging languidly into icy waters. Extreme…

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