7 Awe-Inspiring Places to Enjoy Flying a Drone in India – Travel Article

India is land of many incredible, beautiful places, locals and visitors alike cannot resist testing the limits of their memory cards with the number of photos they’ll take home with them. More and more visitors are flying a drone in India on their trip which allows them to record mesmerizing aerial views of different places. The natural evolution of technology results in cool gadgets becoming better, cheaper and smaller. A great example of this in practice is drones, it is…

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Canggu Restaurants with Great Options for Vegans and Healthy Eaters – Travel Article

Guest article by Chloe Press. ​The Best Canggu Restaurants for Vegan FoodWhen I packed my bags to travel around Asia, I was slightly apprehensive about whether or not I was going to be able to find vegan food to eat on my travels. And more importantly, good vegan food! As soon as I stepped foot in Canggu Bali, I realised I wouldn’t have a problem here. The streets are lined with ‘vegan’ signs. There is so much vegan food on offer…

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Amritsar, India Travel Guide – Things to Do & Places to Visit – USA Travel Article

Amritsar, India Travel Guide – Things to Do & Places to Visit Last Updated on November 6, 2019Amritsar is the most visited city in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab. The city is known as Holy City since it’s home to the Golden Temple religious complex (one of the most visited places in the world).It’s the most important city in Punjab, and also the center of Sikhism. The Punjab region of India tells tales of various Sikh warriors, and one…

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Taking a bus to Abu Dhabi – Passport Overused – Travel Article

So I found out the famous Grand mosque was not in Dubai. Kept searching for it online on a Dubai map but nothing was showing up. It wasn’t until I googled the Grand mosque, I found out it was in Abu Dhabi. UAE’s second largest city, which was a two hour drive. Didn’t not to drive in a forgien country due to fear of what could happen, I kept looking for taxis. Found out it would cost me about 100…

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