Laamu Atoll: The Perfect Setting for the Luxury Honeymoon of your Dreams – Travel Article

Laamu Atoll (also known as Haddhunmathi Atoll) consists of 15 inhabited (plus 67 uninhabited) coral islands and is one of 22 atolls comprised of 1200 islands that connect to form the Maldives. This South Asia destination is renowned for attracting newlyweds and couples from around the globe who seek stunning landscapes, privacy and romantic settings surrounded by crystal blue water and abundant coral reefs. Romance and relaxation rate number 1 here making Laamu Atoll the perfect setting for luxury Maldives honeymoons. Where…

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3 Day Hanoi Itinerary – Includes Ha Long Bay Visit – Travel Article

Let me just start by saying how much everyone that I traveled with on this trip–myself included–absolutely LOVED Hanoi! There is plenty to see in this capital city of Vietnam and if you can spend more than our mere three days in the city, definitely go for it. Hanoi has a pretty wild feel while somehow remaining elegant and culturally sophisticated. You’re never sure of when to cross the street, you’ll hear the continuous ruckus of horns blazing and motorcycles…

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Istanbul: A Bazaar Weekend – 3TravelBug – Travel Article

One of the best things about Istanbul is just how many cultures are visually impacting the city at any given time. Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, the city is situated on the banks of the strategically important Bosphorus strait, known historically as a meeting point for much of the Old World’s trade. Founded in 330 AD as Constantinople, Istanbul is now a modern day gateway to experiencing a mix of religion, culture and history. One of the main…

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