Bangkok Attractions: Places Worth Visiting – Travel Article

International Bangkok Attractions: Places Worth Visiting I can understand when people, especially in India are all gung-ho about visiting Bangkok. Most Indians start their international travel with this city. And when they come back after having been to all those Bangkok Attractions, they are excited with their findings. First come the series of all things negative namely the traffic jams, the pollution, the sheer number of people everywhere, the noise, many many congested areas etc, before slowly coming to what…

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Where To Stay In Bangkok: Best Neighborhoods And Hotels – Travel Article

Sukhumvit is considered Bangkok’s leading commercial district, and it’s easy to see why since one of the four major highways of Thailand runs right through the area. This highway, called Sukhumvit Road, brings in not only locals for shopping but many tourists as well, who seek to explore the numerous sois or side streets of the area. If you’re interested in the best place to stay in Bangkok for couples and first-timers, then this is it because you’ll get to…

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