Following Where Our Eyes Lead Us – Travel Article

we walk back into old Ghent, and find that the centre is much larger than we had anticipated – and all of it has kept its look and feel. We wander without reference to the map, just going where our eyes lead us, exclaiming in awe as we go round another corner to find another building, more spectacular than the last. In Gent Three, Side by Side St. Bavo’s Cathedral is one of three beautiful churches side by side by…

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10 Things To Do on Knokke Beach, Belgium – Travel Article

For most of the Luxembourgish people, the Belgian coast is the place where they spent all their holidays during their childhood. Therefore, some might despise it for being too simple, too average or not exotic enough. Well, there are plenty of things to do in Knokke Beach, Belgium! I have to admit that I visited Knokke, also known as Knokke-Heist, with the same expectations. I’ve been to the Belgian coast several times and I plead guilty for thinking that getaways…

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