An Amazing Self Guided Walking Tour of Stavanger (Map Included!) – Couples Travel Article

An Amazing Self Guided Walking Tour of Stavanger (Map Included!) How to spend an easy breezy day in Stavanger, Norway.Stavanger is a city that truly has it all. It’s a beautiful town surrounded by stunning fjords and mountains. There’s a lively atmosphere, an intriguing arts and culture scene, and well preserved architecture and historical areas. Needless to say, there are lots of amazing things to do in Stavanger, even if you only have a day in the city. When Justin…

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Nicer in Norway | Northern Lights & Norway – Norway Travel Article

Nicer in Norway | Northern Lights & Norway This is a list of little things we’ve noticed during our travels in Norway that we found particularly nice, quirky or just plain clever! We’ll add to it as we find more. 1  No tipping is expected or required – this applies to taxis, restaurants, guides, etc. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you expressing your gratitude for great service in a bar or restaurant if you wish … most people opt for…

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Must-visit: the all new Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Travel Article

Must-visit: the all new Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka Did you know?The Lotus Tower is:The tallest completed tower in South Asia11th tallest completed tower in Asia19th tallest completed tower in the worldThe 350m tall Lotus Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka was declared open on 16th September 2019. Casting a shadow over Slave Island, Lotus Tower is the biggest highlight of skyscrapers in Colombo, and currently the hot discussion topic in town! Being the tallest building in South Asia, a glimpse…

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The Best Beaches in the Seychelles: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Seychelles Beaches – Couples Travel Article

The Best Beaches in the Seychelles: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Seychelles Beaches An archipelago made up of 115 islands set in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles just might be the most relaxing beachside getaway in the world. And all it takes is a quick Google image search for “tropical paradise” before you’re inundated with images of the Seychelles’ many idyllic islands. Picture this: gently swaying palms, pure white powdery sand, and unrealistic blue seas. Better yet, one of the best things…

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Why I Love Traveling to Puglia, Italy – Spain Travel Article

Why I Love Traveling to Puglia, Italy One of my favorite places in Italy to travel is Puglia — the heel of the boot! I first visited Puglia in 2014 and I consider it one of the most unique and memorable regions in the country. This year, Puglia tourism launched an ad in New York City for the first time ever. I headed down to catch it in action — in the heart of Times Square! Times Square is home…

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The Best Places to Go Swimming Near Malaga • Toma & Coe – Spain Travel Article

The Best Places to Go Swimming Near Malaga • Toma & Coe They don’t call it the Costa del Sol for nothing – the province of Malaga enjoys around  320 days of sunlight a year. This wall-to-wall sunshine can make for some pretty hot summers, but visitors to the region will find themselves spoilt for choice when choosing a spot for a refreshing dip. Alongside its beautiful beaches, Malaga can also offer turquoise lagoons, crystal clear rivers and stunning natural…

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Hello Helsinki! – Norway Travel Article

Hello Helsinki! Helsinki is a modern city with over half a million residents and is situated on the Baltic Sea. With a history stretching back to its foundation in 1550, it has been the capital of Finland since 1812. The summer in Helsinki is bright. The days are at their longest in the second half of June, when the sun stays above the horizon for 19 hours. The evenings grow cool towards the end of September, and the days grow…

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Norway Discount Cards | Northern Lights & Norway – Norway Travel Article

If you’re staying a couple of days or more in Oslo or Bergen and intend to experience some of the great museums, attractions and tours, we recommend the Oslo Pass and/or Bergen Card. These discount cards allow you to avail of free city transport and discounts and can really save you money. Both cards are available for 24, 48 or 72 hours and are activated from the first time you use them. They may be purchased in advance by customers…

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St Petersburg in springtime – Check Travel Spot – Travel Article

Explore the beauty of this Russian city, situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea, during the most beautiful time of the year.  This cultural capital is a grandiose display of Russian history stretching since 1703.  Stay over at the beautiful Station hotel and experience St Petersburg. Discover St Petersburg in 4 days with a private guided tour and explore all the major sites in the city, including museums, churches and monuments.  Some of the highlights forming part of your…

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Scuba Diving West Palm Beach – Travel Article

Making it a Turtle Tourism Weekend Why go on just a turtle dive when you can make a weekend out of it? We visited two nearby turtle hospitals, Loggerhead Marinelife Center, and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, to see front line conservation efforts in action. They each had tanks where rescued turtles healed up before returning to the sea. The monitored hatches and nests, saved stragglers, conduct turtle releases, and provided a voice to remind us that turtles need clean oceans…

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Istanbul: A Bazaar Weekend – 3TravelBug – Travel Article

One of the best things about Istanbul is just how many cultures are visually impacting the city at any given time. Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, the city is situated on the banks of the strategically important Bosphorus strait, known historically as a meeting point for much of the Old World’s trade. Founded in 330 AD as Constantinople, Istanbul is now a modern day gateway to experiencing a mix of religion, culture and history. One of the main…

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