Things We Learned About Blogging After 500 Posted – Retirement Travel Article

Things We Learned About Blogging After 500 Posted Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest1 We Learned About Blogging As We Went Our RetiredAndTravelling blog was started for our own enjoyment. We shared it and it grew. And along the way we learned about blogging the hard way – experientially! As we hit 500 travel blog posts, we looked back on what we learned about blogging. It was a good time to reflect on why we started blogging. And why we kept doing…

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Dog Sledding: Tromso Villmarkssenter – 3TravelBug – Travel Article

Back in January 2018, my friends and I travelled the length of Norway where we ended our trip visiting Villmarkssenter in Tromso. Here we experienced one of our best travel moments since starting travelling. As a big dog lover, getting the chance to dog sled in the Arctic circle and spend hours with the dogs was amazing! However, since writing about my experiences in my Norway Part 2 post, I have had some comments and emails from readers who were…

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How (Extraordinary) Travel Blogging Got Us A Green Card in the USA – USA Travel Article

How (Extraordinary) Travel Blogging Got Us A Green Card in the USA I wondered how I’d react when I heard the news.Where would I be? How would it arrive to me? Would it be the yes I longed for? Would I fall to the ground in a heap of tears or leap with joy?When we finally submitted the paperwork for it a week before, my heart panicked.What if it was a no?Even though our chances were high, I couldn’t help…

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Istanbul: A Bazaar Weekend – 3TravelBug – Travel Article

One of the best things about Istanbul is just how many cultures are visually impacting the city at any given time. Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, the city is situated on the banks of the strategically important Bosphorus strait, known historically as a meeting point for much of the Old World’s trade. Founded in 330 AD as Constantinople, Istanbul is now a modern day gateway to experiencing a mix of religion, culture and history. One of the main…

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