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On to Zion – simply retired – Retirement Travel Article

On to Zion – simply retired Wednesday, October 25 – Driving through southern Utah, the landscape changes are often immediate and stunning. From a rolling sea of slickrock to high-altitude pine forests to towering red rocks, it’s hard for us East Coast flatlanders to absorb. Approaching Zion National Park, the rocks again change to red – and so does the road. Jagged, majestic peaks jarringly transform the landscape. We were on the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway and entered the Mt. Carmel…

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Lessons learned – simply retired – Retirement Travel Article

Lessons learned – simply retired November 2 – For two retired women, visiting five National Parks (plus Monument Valley) in 10 days was probably a bit ambitious. Now that the trip is over, we have some insights: Our favorite parks were Bryce Canyon, Zion and Arches – close but roughly in that order. A revised itinerary would probably omit Canyonlands and Capitol Reef and spend more time exploring the other three. We did spend two nights in Moab (Arches, Canyonlands)…

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Quebec: Quelle surprise! – Retirement Travel Article

Quebec: Quelle surprise! NOTE: Please see a portfolio of our Quebec photos. Part One of three parts The Porte St-Jean, just up the street from our hotel. At 6:30 a.m., we heard a rustling at our hotel door. Was someone trying to break in? Tentatively, we peered out. Hanging on the door was a wicker picnic basket. It was breakfast! Croissants, patisseries, yogurt, glass bottles of orange juice, cheese, and fruit. Amazed, I went down to the lounge of the Hotel du Vieux-Quebec to get the free…

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Want maple syrup with that? – simply retired – Retirement Travel Article

Want maple syrup with that? – simply retired NOTE: Please see a portfolio of our Quebec photos. Part Two of three parts Lunch at the L’en Tailleur sugar shack.The accordion player ambled through the chalet-like dining room, belting out Quebecois folk songs as we played along with sets of spoons. We were in a cabane a sucre, or sugar shack, on the Ile d’Orleans next door to Quebec City. Especially in the spring, the sugar shack is a venerable cultural tradition sticky…

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Of Harriet Tubman and great blue herons – simply retired – Retirement Travel Article

Of Harriet Tubman and great blue herons – simply retired Maybe not everyone thinks of pairing bird-watching with African-American history. Well, we do. And near Cambridge, Maryland, you can do just that. We recently spent a spring day visiting the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park in rural Dorchester County, Md., followed by a drive through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The trip was about 60 miles from our home in Sussex County, Delaware, on two-lane roads past farm fields,…

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Yurt, sweet yurt – a camping adventure – Retirement Travel Article

Yurt, sweet yurt – a camping adventure Our camping experiences date to Girl Scouts and, for me, a few miserable outings in high school. That was quite awhile ago. But we thought trying again might be an antidote to my desire for a small RV. The two-night outing to Trap Pond State Park near Laurel, Delaware, was only about 25 miles from our house. We would not starve. We could try out some of the delights of camping, such as…

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You can (sort of) go home again – Retirement Travel Article

You can (sort of) go home again There are a few places on earth where I feel like my soul is at home. Where the psychic roots run deep, my DNA is buzzing contentedly, and I always feel a welcome familiarity no matter how long I have been gone. One of those places is the Texas Hill Country, land of my mother’s clan and a rocky, rolling landscape  of cedar, winding creeks and limestone bungalows. The other, oddly, is Pittsburgh…

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New Mexico, muy encantando – Retirement Travel Article

New Mexico, muy encantando Please see our New Mexico photo gallery. The last stop on our RoadScholar tour of Albuquerque, Taos and Santa Fe was another kiva – this one at Coronado Historic Site in the Albuquerque suburb of Bernalillo. A kiva is a sacred room within an Indian pueblo, where religious rites are performed. This visit required climbing up one ladder and down another one into the underground chamber; only 13 of us at a time. The room included…

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Misty about Chincoteague | simply retired – Retirement Travel Article

Misty about Chincoteague | simply retired Chincoteague is less than two hours from our home, and yet we had never visited. So we drove down the day after Labor Day, with Hurricane Dorian looming at the end of the week. We are already planning to return. Chincoteague is a throwback to childhood days at the beach. You have to forgive the tacky wooden billboards, one after the other, anchored in the marsh (oy) as you travel the long causeway onto…

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