Empty shelves in many Budapest stores – Budapest Travel Article

Empty shelves in many Budapest stores After the announcement made by Gergely Gulyas yesterday, people flocked to the stores to purchase groceries, flour, and other articles in Budapest. The announcement was about closing universities, and also about not allowing anyone to visit Hungary from Italy, China, South Korea, or from Iran.His announcement worked as a catalyst, and a few hours later, people started to report about the most important goods to be impossible to find on the shelves of many…

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Why I left Budapest (1/2) – Budapest Travel Article

Why I left Budapest (1/2) Many of my followers noticed that I no longer post pictures of Budapest but of an entirely different continent. Besides that, I also changed my Twitter profile from Katechka Magyarka to Katechka Voyageuse. Note: I haven’t changed it on Facebook because it doesn’t want to let me. But what has happened? Before you get to know the reasons that led me to leaving Hungary, here are a few facts. I arrived to Budapest on 13.12.2013,…

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Mangalica Festival in Budapest in 2020 – Budapest Travel Article

Mangalica Festival in Budapest in 2020 It’s not a secret to anyone, Budapest’s beauty is not the only reason why people come to visit the city. The city and the country are also well known for its gastronomy, and this year you can once again check out the outstanding Mangalica Festival in Budapest between February 7th and February 9th at the Liberty Square in Budapest. The Mangalica is one of the most outstanding pig type and a real Hungarian animal.…

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