Global Travel Pricing Set To Slow Down In 2020 – Business Travel Article

Global Travel Pricing Set To Slow Down In 2020   Flights To Rise 1.2%, Hotels 1.3% After posting sharp rises in 2019, prices in the global travel industry are likely to slow in 2020, with flights rising a modest 1.2%, hotels rising only 1.3%, and rental car rates up 1%, according to the sixth annual Global Travel Forecast, published today by CWT and GBTA. While the global economy is doing well overall – and expected to grow a solid 3.6%…

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Delta Pursues a New Asia Strategy – Business Travel Article

Delta Pursues a New Asia Strategy Service to Singapore Passed to Partner Korean Air All Tokyo Flights Going To Haneda A few months ago, Delta Air Lines received tentative approval to dramatically expand its flight schedule at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport next year. As expected, the airline is taking this opportunity to consolidate all of its Tokyo flights at Haneda, the airport closest to the city center. Last week, Delta confirmed that it plans to shut down its hub at…

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About Us | Mission & Values – Business Travel Article

About Us | Mission & Values Starting on Oct. 1, 2019, all travelers from 60 visa waiver countries, including the US, including all incoming cruise travelers, will need to hold an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) before entering New Zealand. According to the New Zealand government, an ETA will last travelers for up to two years. Unlike a visa, it doesn’t come with hefty fines or long wait periods. Instead, it will cost NZD $9.00 (about $6) for all mobile application…

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Seven Ways Your TMC Can Reduce the Stress of Being a Travel Manager – Business Travel Article

Seven Ways Your TMC Can Reduce the Stress of Being a Travel Manager If you’re like most travel managers there are never enough hours in the day and when Friday comes around the weekend looks sweet, but you have to get through Friday first… We feel your pain. But luckily there are some relief valves available to reduce stress, and by that we mean ways in which your travel management company can eliminate problems before they happen and offer solutions…

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