▷ Things to do in Manhattan – USA Travel Article

▷ Things to do in Manhattan Within New York City there are 5 boroughs—the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Each of them has dozens of different NYC neighborhoods. While planning the best things to do in New York City, you need to know how to explore Manhattan like a local. ContentsIt’s not a secret that Manhattan is the heart of the city. With Times Square and Broadway as the electric center, most NYC attractions and famous landmarks are located…

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✔️ Things to Do in The Bronx NYC – USA Travel Article

✔️ Things to Do in The Bronx NYC The Bronx. It’s the only borough of New York City, that is physically attached to the United States mainland. It’s too remote for many visitors and New Yorkers and it makes it one of the lesser-known areas of The Big Apple. The Bronx has linked to many bad stereotypes thanks to the media. But what is Bronx New York known for? Is it safe to live in the Bronx? Find out in this article!ContentsGetting…

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• Things To Do at Hudson Yards NYC – USA Travel Article

• Things To Do at Hudson Yards NYC Hudson Yards in Manhattan is the newest neighborhood in the city. It’s pretty much a new city within the city once this project is completed in a few years. The view of the Manhattan skyline has changed since 2012. What’s used to be an area known for prostitution and drug businesses has been developed into a luxury multi-million-dollar complex full of new apartment buildings, a shopping mall, event space, and New York’s…

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