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SLO CAL: The Best of California’s Central Coast – Couples Travel Article

SLO CAL: The Best of California’s Central Coast We’ve driven Central California’s jaw-dropping section of the Pacific Coast Highway a few times, but never gave San Luis Obispo County the credit it deserves. Halfway between LA and San Francisco, it’s the heart of the Central Coast but often overshadowed by its big-city neighbors and legendary ocean road. We’ve even hopped out to wildlife watch at their unbelievable elephant seal colony, gawk at the ultra-luxe Hearst Castle, and marvel at the…

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Travelettes » » A weekend in Boston – Sweden Travel Article

Travelettes » » A weekend in Boston Boston is a city of firsts – it’s home to the first public library, the first institution of higher education, the first subway system and the first marathon was run in Boston. It was also in Boston that Alexander Bell invented the first ever telephone. Because of this, the city is steeped in history and has a rich heritage which surpasses that of many other US cities. Only a few hours from New…

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