Mistico Arenal – Costa Rica’s Wildest Adventure – Travel Article

It seems the best things in life always manage to scare yet thrill you. They push you past your comfort zone, and force you to take a leap of faith. At Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, that leap just happens to be over a waterfall! The Spider Monkey Canyon Tour features a series of rappels, zip lines, and dives, as you follow the canyon deep into the jungle. The park sits quietly in the shadows of Arenal Volcano. A conical…

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Best Countries to See Wildlife in the World – Travel Article

Some of the most rewarding travel experiences are when nature and wildlife are involved.When we delve into nature, we find ourselves more connected to the world around us. We’re present in the moment and can admire the wonder of the animals, insects, plants, and trees that envelope us. Not many things in the world match the brilliance of a close encounter with a wild animal in its natural habitat.If that’s something you want to experience, check out this list of some of…

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