Game of Thrones Tour – Split, Croatia – USA Travel Article

Game of Thrones Tour – Split, Croatia Arya in BraavosOana in BraavosBraavos – Game of Thrones We decided to take a trip to Croatia, and started by flying into Split. The main industry in Split is tourism, and it has been boosted because it was one of the locations where they filmed numerous Game of Thrones episodes. Particularly, the entire city of Braavos was actually a small castle (which is really more like an apartment complex) located just 30 minutes…

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Stari Grad Croatia | Pilot and Me – USA Travel Article

Stari Grad Croatia | Pilot and Me Stari Grad CroatiaWe decided to do a 7 day Yacht cruise with Sail Croatia and one of our stops was a town called Stari Grad. Its rumored to be the first settlement of Europeans, dating back 3,500 years. Originally settled by greeks, Stari Grad is a port town, with shops and an unseemly number of churches. There are more churches per capita than any other place on the planet. Stari Grad CroatiaOne of…

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Korcula, Croatia | Pilot and Me – USA Travel Article

Korcula, Croatia | Pilot and Me Korcula Tower at nightWe stopped in Korcula Croatia during our cruise on the Kraljica Jelena from Sail Croatia. We loved this island, probably one of the most favorite ones we visited. While its a touristy town, it seems to cater very well to the tourists that visit, and doesn’t resent them like many of the other places we’ve visited. Everyone here made us feel welcome and we really enjoyed this small town and the…

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Can you Mix Tennis and Holidays for a Child? – Travel Tales from India and Abroad – Travel Article

Traveling with Chhavi is not new for me. But mixing tennis with a holiday was a first for us! In June, we were traveling to Biograd for a week of tennis and holidays with Tennis Holidays Croatia. Traveling with a 11 year old on a connecting flight to Europe almost always results in one thing- a cranky child at the end of it. I was thankful that our pickup from Zagreb to Biograd was super smooth and organized by Tennis…

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Montenegro, more than just Adria – Travel Article

Read this in: GermanThinking about Montenegro, what do you think of? Well, a survey in my circle of acquaintances revealed to me abyss: “Montenegro, well, I live right next to the Alps, but I’ve never been to Italy.” or also “Montenegro, this is this city in Croatia with the whole cruise ships?” The country Montenegro has been on everyone’s lips as a backpack tourism blogger since 2011 or 2012 at the latest. Also in this time I met Montenegro, through…

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