10 fun things to do in Zante, on your villa holiday in Greece – Travel Article

If you’re new here and enjoy my blog, I’d love you to to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I love the range of landscapes on the Greek island of Zakynthos, from sandy beaches where the turtles nest, to green olive groves clothing the hillside and rocky cliffs and coves on the western shore. Also known as Zante, this popular holiday island in the Ionian chain has something for everyone, from swimming spots and waterparks, to the historic squares,…

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Taking a bus to Abu Dhabi – Passport Overused – Travel Article

So I found out the famous Grand mosque was not in Dubai. Kept searching for it online on a Dubai map but nothing was showing up. It wasn’t until I googled the Grand mosque, I found out it was in Abu Dhabi. UAE’s second largest city, which was a two hour drive. Didn’t not to drive in a forgien country due to fear of what could happen, I kept looking for taxis. Found out it would cost me about 100…

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Top 12 Best Things to do in Madrid at Night – Spain Travel Article

Top 12 Best Things to do in Madrid at Night Ever since moving to Madrid in 2011, I’ve been telling people that this is the true “city that never sleeps”. There is truly something for everyone here, and at all hours. Today Lindsey shares some of the best things to do in Madrid at night– but rest assured that there are endless options if you keep looking! After the sun goes down, the Spanish capital truly comes alive. Madrileños take to…

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Japanese Words We Can’t Translate: Mottainai – A Lesson in Humility – Tokyo Travel Article

Japanese Words We Can’t Translate: Mottainai – A Lesson in Humility According to the Oxford Dictionary, there were an estimated 170,000 words in use in the English language 30 years ago. It’s said that the average anglophone knows 1/17th of them. Wondering how many words there are in Japanese? It’s hard to say. Being an agglutinative language that borrows words from English, German and French, among others, and with slang that’s created and forgotten in the blink of an eye,…

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Sebastian’s trip to Finnish nature and cottage culture. – Scandinavian Travel Article

Sebastian’s trip to Finnish nature and cottage culture. This is the story of Sebastian’s journey to Finland and our wonderful culture where nature and spending time in summer cottages are essential . Straight after arriving in Helsinki we got our rental car and drove north. Ahead of us was a 10 day journey through the southern part of Finland. My expectations of this beautiful country were fulfilled immediately after leaving the city and entering the remote nature of Finland. We…

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