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Spotlight on Prague – An Amazing 1-Day Prague Itinerary to See the Best – Retirement Travel Article

Spotlight on Prague – An Amazing 1-Day Prague Itinerary to See the Best With its spires, steeples, and turrets Prague is a city from which fairy tales spring to life. It’s no wonder that Prague’s nickname is the “City of a Hundred Spires.” I have read that there are more than 500 spires in the city, but someone coined the phrase, and it stuck. Prague reminds me of Ljublana, Slovenia only on a much more grandiose scale. Prague is an…

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9 Beautiful Day Trips from Prague You Shouldn’t Miss » Local Adventurer – Travel Article

Our last stop was Karlovy Vary, a spa town situated in western Bohemia. Boasting over 300 hot springs, Karlovy Vary is the most visited spa town in the country. From Casanova to Mozart, several notable people throughout history have stayed here to enjoy the healing waters.There are also fountains around town where you can try thermal mineral water, which is known to boost blood circulation, reduce stress, and promote sleep, among many other things. It wasn’t exactly palatable to our…

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Why I left Budapest (2/2) – Budapest Travel Article

Why I left Budapest (2/2) I left Budapest in July 2017 after 3.5 years of living in this beautiful capitol. This is a part 2 of my series about the reasons that led me to quitting Budapest. Read the first part about how the city changed, and how tourism shapes it. Or just be a rebel, and read the second part first. Right now. Living in the heart of Budapest has endless advantages, but brings surprising disadvantages, too. The city…

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Winter in Prague – How to Enjoy the City During Colder Months! – Travel Article

Prague is beautiful all year round, but during the winter it transforms into a special kind of fairytale. Twinkling lights, snow blanketing the cobblestone streets and burnt orange rooftops, and seasonal specialties make winter in Prague feel cozy and warm despite the chilly weather. Speaking of the weather, though, it can get unbearably cold in Prague in winter, so make sure you’re bundled up for your visit! It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out there and take…

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