The Smart Way for Backpackers to Visit Mykonos, Greece – Couples Travel Article

The Smart Way for Backpackers to Visit Mykonos, Greece Travelling is one of the most desired activities for most of the world. If you ask anyone, no matter where they live, they will likely say that they would love to travel and see new places. From many of us, however, travelling is something that can only be spoken about rather than pursued, because it can be very expensive. When you include the cost of flights, hotels, food, and activities, it…

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Why Sikkim in Winters is a Great Idea – Couples Travel Article

Why Sikkim in Winters is a Great Idea “Let’s go to Bhutan!”, said my husband, “No, let’s go to Thailand!”, I said. We were confused where to go for a week during winters this year. “Let’s go to Sikkim!! It will be our hat-trick trip to the Himalayas!!!” said Deepak beaming with excitement, the earlier ones being Leh-Ladakh and Kinnaur-Spiti. It turned out to be such an amazing decision to visit Sikkim in winters! Winters in Sikkim start from November and stay…

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10 Steps to Antarctica | The Fighting Couple – Couples Travel Article

10 Steps to Antarctica | The Fighting Couple We often hear about our travels, ”what a trip of a lifetime”.    But this trip was different. This one was special.  Antarctica. Antarctica!In a previous post, I shared how meaningful going to Antartica was because it was a lifetime goal set by a kid in rural Idaho. Back in high school, I (Mike) set the audacious goal to set foot on all seven continents and swim in the seven seas.  I…

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Bagan Myanmar’s Best Sunrise and Sunset Spots – Travel Article

I’m in an open field as the red sun crests the horizon. I feel like I’ve struck Bagan gold because while the hot air balloons float directly overhead, I’ve got a front-row view and I’m not sharing it with anyone else – no selfie stick wielding crowds nor busloads of people. The real adventure, though, was in how I found it and how you can, too. Bagan, Myanmar is the stuff of fairytales – except it’s all real and open…

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