Disney Animal Kingdom

Adults Must do the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour At Disneyland California – Travel Article

Share this Post for later!No matter what Disney park you visit, you enter a doorway to the most magical of places. It really does have this special aura to it, leaving each guest smiling with joyous memories to live on for a lifetime. This was the case for me at Disneyland California. A very different park from the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, The California experience brings guests the nostalgia upheld from the days Walt walked through the park…

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50 Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Secrets, Hidden Mickeys, and Tips – Travel Article

Share this Post for later!I love animals. I am an advocate of their ethical treatment, the banning of elephant rides, and protecting their habitats. With keeping these values high on my list when I travel, I do respect sanctuaries and zoos that are certified for their protection of animals, the extensive research they invest in, and for the reintroduction to the wild of endangered and nearly extinct species. Disney Animal Kingdom is symbolic of conservation, protects animals, and makes a…

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