Beautiful Isolated Places on Earth – In Photos – Couples Travel Article

Beautiful Isolated Places on Earth – In Photos During our time of isolation, we have been reminiscing about all the incredible isolated places we’ve been on this planet.Places during our travels where we felt completely cut off from civilization allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the earth.Isolation can be a positive thing. Being alone can give a person time to look inward and reflect on how we have been living our lives.We are merely guests on this planet. Perhaps…

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An Expert’s Guide to The Inca Trail – USA Travel Article

An Expert’s Guide to The Inca Trail In this guide to trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you’ll learn exactly what to expect, what to pack for the Inca Trail, which tour operator to choose and more. Nick and I hiked the Classic Inca Trail Trek for 5 days and had a very positive experience. You will too — if you’re properly prepared.  The Machu Picchu hike starts at KM 82 in the Sacred Valley near the Urubamba River,…

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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Montreal Canada !!!!!!!!!! – Travel Article

Things You Didn’t Know About Montreal Have you ever been to Montreal? Many people travel around the world every year but don’t spend much time learning about their destination – they simply want to explore. Of course, it is fine to explore a new country, but it can also be beneficial to learn a little about its history and how it operates on a daily basis.  Montreal is a vibrant city that has something for everyone and has a lot…

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