A Short Guide to Sea Kayaking on the Fjords – Scandinavian Travel Article

A Short Guide to Sea Kayaking on the Fjords Paddling over serene, rich blue waters between steep fjordscapes just might be one of the most surreal experiences you’ll ever have. You’ll glimpse farms in bright Scandinavian colors dotting the mountainsides like miniature scale model homes, far above the fjord waters. Snow caps the mountains above even in summer, and an abundance of wildlife—including sea eagles and porpoises—are almost close enough to touch! It’s definitely not your average kayaking experience when…

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iFLY Indoor Skydiving ~ Gold Coast – Wanderlust With My Kids – Travel Article

Ever wanted to be a superhero? Ok grab a pen because this is something you HAVE to add to your bucket list! Indoor skydiving with iFY! I have lived on the Gold Coast for years and can’t believe it has taken so long for us to experience this! It’s just like a real skydive, but without the plane and in a fully controlled, ultra safe environment! Each indoor skydiving flight is equivalent to the free fall time of skydiving from…

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St Petersburg in springtime – Check Travel Spot – Travel Article

Explore the beauty of this Russian city, situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea, during the most beautiful time of the year.  This cultural capital is a grandiose display of Russian history stretching since 1703.  Stay over at the beautiful Station hotel and experience St Petersburg. Discover St Petersburg in 4 days with a private guided tour and explore all the major sites in the city, including museums, churches and monuments.  Some of the highlights forming part of your…

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