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5 Things to do when traveling with your family – Crazy sexy fun traveler – Travel Article

01 Jul2019 Family time is the most beautiful time of the year. Owing to the busy schedule of jobs, schools, and other works, not many people get a chance to hang out with their families. If you are planning to travel within the country to a new destination for fun, then that is surely a great idea. There are many things that people need to look forward to when it comes to traveling with family. If you are reading…

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Do You Know How Lucky You Really Are? – Travel Article

Do you think that what I am saying is insane? Sometimes, I think so. I am here, praising the virtues and benefits of traveling with our children. I even say that on some occasions people who do not bring their children on a trip are selfish. The reality of life is that traveling is a privilege and a luxury, and not all families can afford it. And it hurts me terribly. It’s not that these families do not want to…

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