5 + a few more tips for Around the World – Business Travel Article

5 + a few more tips for Around the World by: Anna Lindberg, 2016 Around the World Intern  Be open-minded and stay curious. Always ask questions – don’t hesitate, just ask! You will get so much more out of your trip Around the World if you ask about the things you are wondering about. The people you will meet are more than happy to explain you everything about the industry and ACTE’s representatives is also eager to tell you more about the…

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Foreigner-Friendly Tokyo Sports Clubs to Join This Summer – Tokyo Travel Article

Foreigner-Friendly Tokyo Sports Clubs to Join This Summer Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means: the sun will be out, the days will get longer and many of us will be itching to get a good game of ball on after a busy workweek. Thankfully, Tokyo has plenty of sports fields in both the city and the ‘burbs. And especially when it comes to sports, things are more fun with company. Thus, we present you…

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Nine dinners in Budapest you will remember for a long time! – Budapest Travel Article

Nine dinners in Budapest you will remember for a long time! Are you looking for suggestions on places to eat in Budapest? Here we have compiled a list of nine dinner opportunities that for sure will give you many memories and experiences to remember for a long time.We don’t expect you to consider all nine suggestions just as good, but, we are sure that everyone will find some of the ideas to be brilliant. And based on our own experience,…

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Visiting Tokyo’s Snoopy Museum and Peanuts Cafe – Tokyo Travel Article

Visiting Tokyo’s Snoopy Museum and Peanuts Cafe Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts is a comic strip loved the world over. The stories of good ol’ Charlie Brown and his friends bridge the entertainment gap between children and adults through timeless art, heartfelt narratives, and deep philosophical and sociological overtones—not to mention a really cool dog named Snoopy. In Japan, the Peanuts gang is just as popular, but Chuck’s mischievous beagle is king.In 2016, the world’s very first Snoopy Museum opened in…

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Everything That Happened in 2017 – Travel Article

It is kind of crazy for me to fathom than 2017 is indeed coming to a close and in less than 48 hours, 2018 is taking over. I definitely deliberated quite a while before even starting this post. Even taking time to read through my year in review for 2016, split into 2 parts even! (Part One / Part Two). It left me feeling in a puddle of fuzzy emotions and I thought it’d be fitting to do one for…

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National Planetarium: A Short Trip Around the Universe – Travel Article

All of us had been that kid who once dreamt of travelling in space. I, too, was a victim of my overly-creative mind. In retrospect, I guess my odd fascination with space was the reason why the song, “Drops of Jupiter”  have always resonated through my soul. Or the reason why I have always wanted a telescope ever since I saw the movie, “A Walk to Remember“. And that’s why observatories like National Planetarium is God’s gift to humanity. Though…

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