Day visit to Buduruwagala, Sri Lanka – Travel Article

Stories Day visit to Buduruwagala, Sri Lanka   Before leaving for Sri Lanka, Cody learned about an ancient buddhist temple not far from the town of Ella called Buduruwagala. Rather than a man made structure that you enter, this 1000 year old temple rests in an outdoor complex surrounded by forest and consists of 7 buddha statues carved into a rock face. The statues date back to the 10th century and are thought to belong to the Mahayana school of…

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Cafe by the Ruins – Uncovering Eden – Travel Article

Palladin Hotel, where we are currently staying at, is near Cafe by the Ruins. My Mom and I go out at 8PM and it’s our last night here in Baguio.We walk out of the hotel and the coldness in the air makes me feel things. Its presence makes me feel like I am in an Adele music video—walking slowly on the sidewalk, tugging the fur coat closer to my chest, reminiscing of an unrequited love.Cafe by the Ruins is a…

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11 best travel podcasts to listen to during lockdown – Travel Article

Every traveler has their go-to playlist that provides the soundtrack to their holiday, but it’s good to mix it up with a podcast every now and then. They’re a great way of staying entertained and you’re bound to learn something new. And there are plenty of travel podcasts to choose from. So, the next time you’re catching some rays on the beach, doing that month-long road trip, or ya know, sitting on your couch for the next month or so…

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