Why You Must Go To Valletta and Try A Malta Food Tour! – Retirement Travel Article

Why You Must Go To Valletta and Try A Malta Food Tour! Our Group On The Valletta Food TourWhen our friends at Offbeat Malta Food Trails invited us on their Valletta Food Tour, we jumped at the opportunity. Jonathan and I love food tours; it’s such a great way to experience local food and also to learn a little about the history and culture of a region. And even though we have lived in Malta for a few months now, we…

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Eating Mexican food in Ireland?? – Passport Overused – Travel Article

Ireland is know for it’s beer, bars, party and friendly people. Ireland is never associated with Mexico. Besides, the flags have a similar design minus the eagle and change the red with orange. Regardless, Mexican food in Ireland is not talked about. In the land of potatoes and beer, there is a Mexican gold mine waiting to enrich your taste buds. The Boojum Mexican restaurant photo courtesy of Hugo MorelOn my way of seeing Dublin, I noticed my stomach was…

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The 7 Best Day Trips From Paris: History, Wine, And Grandeur – Travel Article

Without a doubt, Paris hides a tonne of attractions and activities for any traveller. But what about the French countryside? Take a few day trips from Paris and learn about places and events, which changed modern history.Explore the gardens, which inspired famous painters. Seduce your palate with exquisite wines. Leave the hustle of the French capital and venture outside the city limits to explore more of France.Wondering how? Simply join the best day trips from Paris!1. Versailles: Dive Into The Grandeur Of The…

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Delicious Japanese Food Discovery 2016 – Tokyo Travel Article

Delicious Japanese Food Discovery 2016 In 2016, I traveled to Japan through Hokkaido to Kyushu using the Japan Rail JR Pass. I am dedicating this blog article to share my food experiences of new seafood discovery, fruits and dessert in 2016. In short summary, I have tasted Gram Cafe’s Premium Pancake, Hokkaido expensive melon, and Koshihikari rice in Niigata prefecture plus many more.  Delicious Japanese style Premium Pancake at Gram Cafe- To read about my recommendations of best food in…

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Where to Eat in Grand Cayman – Couples Travel Article

Where to Eat in Grand Cayman Grand Cayman truly is a foodie’s paradise and – bonus – a lot of the best places to eat in Grand Cayman come with spectacular views! During our four days on the island, these were some of our favorite restaurants, plus a few of our fave dishes: Macabuca at Cracked Conch Macabuca is the tiki bar at the Cracked Conch restaurant. I’m sure both restaurants are great choices, but we only tried Macabuca. We…

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