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Norway off the beaten track – Scandinavian Travel Article

Norway off the beaten track Birk Husky also has a bird feeder at one of their cottages and there also is a bird-watching tower at Bordinesset. These places are easier to try bird-watching than others. In the end, I did manage to see ducks, swans, flying geese, an osprey and some small birds (tits, jays & sparrows). Of course, don’t expect to see large brightly coloured tropical birds like parrots or peacocks here. These are mostly small birds of the…

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5 ways to warm up in Budapest in winter – Budapest Travel Article

5 ways to warm up in Budapest in winter Dec21 When the temperature dips in Budapest, that’s when the city comes alive with warmth! That’s because the cold months of winter are one of the best times of year to explore the Hungarian capital, with plenty of sites to see and flavours to taste that will warm your heart no matter the windchill. From Christmas markets to thermal spas, here’s how to embrace winter in Budapest. Browse the Christmas markets As winter…

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Top Apps for Travel Photography — Places in Pixel – Travel Article

Travel and photography is a great combination together and we at placesinpixel (as the name suggests) embrace it everyday. If you are a traveler and a photographer then you might be having a high-end smartphone or a camera. Some photographers like to rely on smartphones rather than bulky cameras because smartphones these days are loaded with professional camera features. With smartphones at our fingertips we all are aspiring travel photographers. Even with the help of a third-party application you can…

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