German-Efficient Itinerary to See the Best of Berlin – Travel Article

Berlin is a big city. And if you’re like me, you flew over with a few landmarks to see in mind, but without an established plan of action to tackle them all, let alone figuring out which actually merit a visit. Furthermore, if you have a few other cities to visit during your Eurotrip, and only have a day or two in Berlin (because let’s face it, it was one of the cheapest hubs to fly into), then you’re going…

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The Best US National Parks To Visit In 2018 – Travel Article

There are 58 National Parks in America, spread across 27 different states. Each year, over 330 million people come to visit Americas National Parks. But with so many to choose from and so much to see, which ones are the best National Parks to visit in 2018?   Arches National Park – Utah The famous double O archWhat’s To See In Arches National Park? With Arches National Park, the clue is very much in the name. The park comprises over…

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Best Eats in Berlin | the wayfaring nomad – Travel Article

Berlin is a beautiful city with a myriad of landmarks and attractions scattered throughout. To make the most of your time in Berlin and cover the must-see points in the city, check out my uber-efficient itinerary here. But no culture trip is complete (at least in my book) without also experiencing your destination through your palates. And a good thing too, as all that sightseeing will surely leave you hankering for a great meal. Fortunately, Berlin has much to offer,…

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Istanbul: A Bazaar Weekend – 3TravelBug – Travel Article

One of the best things about Istanbul is just how many cultures are visually impacting the city at any given time. Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, the city is situated on the banks of the strategically important Bosphorus strait, known historically as a meeting point for much of the Old World’s trade. Founded in 330 AD as Constantinople, Istanbul is now a modern day gateway to experiencing a mix of religion, culture and history. One of the main…

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