Tyska Kyrkan – The German Chruch – Sweden Travel Article

Tyska Kyrkan – The German Chruch If you visit Stockholm, you are bound to see the German Church (Tyska kyrkan)… or at least its spire, which dominates the Gamla Stan skyline. In fact, visitors sometimes assume that this is the main Stockholm cathedral as it is taller than the cathedral (Storkyrkan) and looks more stereotypical church-like with its thin, 96 meter tall, copper spire. It is also known as St Gertrud’s Church and is dedicated to the German saint. I…

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Stadsmuseet- Stockholm City Museum – Sweden Travel Article

Stadsmuseet- Stockholm City Museum Stockholm City MuseumPhoto by Mattias Ek/Stadsmuseet There are almost 90 museums and attractions in Stockholm, giving the city one of the highest museums per capita ratios in the world. I have been to many of them, but there are a few I haven’t visited yet. Embarrassingly enough, the Stockholm City Museum (Stadsmuseet) is one of them. It is embarrassing because the museum is literally three blocks away from my workplace Hotel Rival. In my defense, they…

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The Great Synagogue of Stockholm – Sweden Travel Article

The Great Synagogue of Stockholm If you are a religious person, visiting places of worship while travelling is often important… whether to partake in a service, enjoy the beautiful architecture or just soak up the history of your religion. And even if you aren’t religious, these sites are often an interesting part of the city’s history. While Sweden is mainly a Protestant Christian country, we do also have Muslim mosques, Jewish synagogues and Catholic churches in the city. I often…

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Off the Beaten Path in Denmark: History and Nature in the Ertholmene Archipelago – Scandinavian Travel Article

Off the Beaten Path in Denmark: History and Nature in the Ertholmene Archipelago Far out in the Baltic, 171 kilometers (106 miles) from Copenhagen, lies the Ertholmene Archipelago, Denmark’s most remote islands. More commonly called Christiansø, after the largest island, the archipelago has been administered by the Danish Ministry of Defense since 1684, when King Christian V had a naval fortress built here during a period of conflict between Denmark and Sweden. The original fortress consisted of the two towers and…

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The Old Town of Caceres: a UNESCO Site Under the Radar – Couples Travel Article

The Old Town of Caceres: a UNESCO Site Under the Radar The fortified old town of Cáceres in Spain is a true gem, still undiscovered by most tourists. The integrity of its historic buildings is UNESCO protected. [Our image shows a close-up of the wooden model of the fortified city, on display in the tourist information office] Well, Cáceres is not completely under the radar anymore… Since the town was a setting in the popular “Game of Thrones” series, more…

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