Travelettes » » Picture Perfect Wine Country… in Portugal – Sweden Travel Article

Travelettes » » Picture Perfect Wine Country… in Portugal I like wine. Not in a “Why yes, monsieur, if I spit this out of my mouth, I get a lingering sensation of toasted chamomile and tree bark” kind of way. But I enjoy a nice glass of wine. When I was in the US, I liked visiting local vineyards (shoutout to Big Cork Vineyards for making miracles happen in Maryland! YES, Maryland!) and I even made my way to Napa…

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Travelettes » » 5 lessons I learnt from living in Paris – Sweden Travel Article

Travelettes » » 5 lessons I learnt from living in Paris When I moved to Paris spontaneously in the summer of 2013, it was out of a need for adventure, for profound change and a desire for a life a little less ordinary. I was ready for the change of scenery, but I was in no way prepared for how much I would learn, grow and transform after a year in the bewildering intensity of the city. If you have…

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The Top 5 Cafes in Yangon – Travel Article

Skip to content Get absolutely excited because this post is all about… coffee shops! Whether you need a space to quietly work or you just want that caffein fix, these coffee shops throughout Yangon can help. I’ve also helped by including the wifi strength for you worker bees. Here are the Top 5 Cafes in Yangon! Best Value Lucky Seven Tea House One of the best bangs for your buck and DELICIOUS! A meal of Parata, Dahl, and an Ice…

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Travelettes » » A weekend in Boston – Sweden Travel Article

Travelettes » » A weekend in Boston Boston is a city of firsts – it’s home to the first public library, the first institution of higher education, the first subway system and the first marathon was run in Boston. It was also in Boston that Alexander Bell invented the first ever telephone. Because of this, the city is steeped in history and has a rich heritage which surpasses that of many other US cities. Only a few hours from New…

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Camino de Santiago Routes: How To Choose The Best For You – Travel Article

You have certainly heard the saying “all roads lead to Rome”.Same goes with the Camino de Santiago routes. Regardless of the starting point of the trail, every pilgrim route leads to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.So, which Camino route should you take?Before deciding, answer the following questions as precisely as possible. By the end of this post, you should know which Camino de Santiago route is the best for you.1. What Are The Most Popular Camino de Santiago Routes?Below are…

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