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Fun Facts About Italy That Will Blow Your Mind. Wow! – Travel Article

Italy is a country that is known for being a place full of art, life, and romance. It has become an incredibly popular tourist destination because of the many interesting things to do in the country. You can spend a lot of time in there and still feel as though there is more to see and get to know Italy facts. If you have an interest in Italy due to your heritage or simple curiosity, then you might be interested…

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Hurricane season in Cuba – The Only Underground Cuba Travel Guide – Cuba Travel Article

Hurricane season in Cuba – The Only Underground Cuba Travel Guide Officially the Cuban hurricane season starts at the first of June and ends the 30thof November.  That’s 6 months. That does not mean you have hurricanes for 6 months a year but that there is a probability of a hurricane during those months. It’s not like the tulip season in Holland where you are sure to see some tulips! Hence the confusion there is about, and the fear for…

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How to get around in Cuba – Cuba Travel Article

How to get around in Cuba There are many different ways to travel from A to B in Cuba.  Here is a list of the different forms of transport from the most expensive and comfortable to the cheapest. Rental Car. It’s hard to rent a car. There are just not enough cars available as Cubans rent many of the cars that are mend for tourists, either to drive taxi with them or just as a personal carefree car. See this…

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