New Zealand – Nature’s Tour De Force – Travel Article

Flying into Queenstown, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We did some research of course, but the natural marvels we encountered far exceeded our imagination and set NZ apart from all other destinations we’ve visited. Part of the credit certainly goes to the country’s Department of Conservation, which strictly manages and maintains its pristine national parks – which interestingly enough covers almost 50% of the entire South Island (check out this incredibly “green” map). What this means for any avid…

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How to Plan Your 2 Week US Trip – USA States Trip Itinerary and Spending Report – USA Travel Article

How to Plan Your 2 Week US Trip – USA States Trip Itinerary and Spending Report In September I took a quick US trip for about 2 weeks. Because I didn’t have anyone to road trip with, I decided to take flights use budget airlines to fly super affordably. My itinerary looked like this: Sept 6 – Denver, Colorado (overnight layover) Sept 7-11 – Austin, Texas Sept 11-14 – Chicago, Illinois Sept 14-16 – Minneapolis,…

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German-Efficient Itinerary to See the Best of Berlin – Travel Article

Berlin is a big city. And if you’re like me, you flew over with a few landmarks to see in mind, but without an established plan of action to tackle them all, let alone figuring out which actually merit a visit. Furthermore, if you have a few other cities to visit during your Eurotrip, and only have a day or two in Berlin (because let’s face it, it was one of the cheapest hubs to fly into), then you’re going…

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