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How to Climb Mt. Fuji? – Tokyo Travel Article

How to Climb Mt. Fuji? Mt. Fuji is one of the most famed distinctively cone-shaped volcanoes in the world and the most recognizable symbol of Japan. Many trekkers and tourists are adding a Mt. Fuji climb to their Ultimate Japan Bucket List. In fact, several tourists now visit Japan Just to climb Mt. Fuji, making Mt. Fuji one of the most climbed mountains in the world. Mt. Fuji became a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 22, 2013, However, the distinctive…

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Mt. Fuji Ice-Cave – Aokigahara Forest – Tokyo Travel Article

Mt. Fuji Ice-Cave – Aokigahara Forest The Aokigahara Forest also known as the “Sea of Trees” has the unfortunate distinction of being called a haunted forest. Ever since the novel ‘Kuroi Jukai’ by Seicho Matsumoto was published in 1960, in which the characters are focused on joint-suicide in the forest,the popularity of the so-called suicide forest has increased among those determined to take their final walk. These events have inspired numerous horror movies centeredaround the forest. However contrary to popular belief,…

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Top 5 Japan hikes with views of Mt. Fuji. – Tokyo Travel Article

Top 5 Japan hikes with views of Mt. Fuji. Can’t wait for the Mt. Fuji Climbing Season?Here are the Top 5 Japan hikes with views of Mt. Fuji. ​Mt. Fuji is by far Japan’s most famous and Iconic Mountain However, one important point to note is when you are hiking Mt. Fuji you can’t actually see Mt. Fuji. Therefore, I would like to suggest some easy alternatives to hiking Mt. Fuji that will give you a great view of Mt.…

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