Yurt, sweet yurt – a camping adventure – Retirement Travel Article

Yurt, sweet yurt – a camping adventure Our camping experiences date to Girl Scouts and, for me, a few miserable outings in high school. That was quite awhile ago. But we thought trying again might be an antidote to my desire for a small RV. The two-night outing to Trap Pond State Park near Laurel, Delaware, was only about 25 miles from our house. We would not starve. We could try out some of the delights of camping, such as…

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You can (sort of) go home again – Retirement Travel Article

You can (sort of) go home again There are a few places on earth where I feel like my soul is at home. Where the psychic roots run deep, my DNA is buzzing contentedly, and I always feel a welcome familiarity no matter how long I have been gone. One of those places is the Texas Hill Country, land of my mother’s clan and a rocky, rolling landscape  of cedar, winding creeks and limestone bungalows. The other, oddly, is Pittsburgh…

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Off the beaten path | simply retired – Retirement Travel Article

Off the beaten path | simply retired Please see trip photographs on our portfolio site and video at end of post. We could hear the Colorado River long before we actually saw it, the relentless clash of water and rocks. We were descending Cathedral Wash, a puzzle of multiple levels of ledges and drop-offs, including one called The Pit. Many of us agreed that we would have turned around when we came to the first outcropping we had to scramble…

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