The Possible Berber connection to the lost kingdom of atlantis – Passport Overused – Travel Article

When I learned about the possible connection, I was completely mind blown. I never expected the lost city of Atlantis having roots to the biggest desert on earth. What I’m about to say and point out, will be very controversial. So, let’s start with what was the known map according to Herodotus. As you can clearly see in the photo above, the Amazigh world is labeled as atlantes. Herodotus is no fool. He is dubbed as the Father Of History.…

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Top Tips for a Day Trip to Tangier From Spain • Toma & Coe – Spain Travel Article

Top Tips for a Day Trip to Tangier From Spain • Toma & Coe Close enough to Spain that the Andalucian coastline is visible on a clear day, the Moroccan city of Tangier is the perfect place for a day trip while holidaying on the Costa del Sol. But what’s the best way to see Tangier if you’re short on time but hungry for adventure? Here at TOMA & COE, we’ve got years of Tangier tours under our belts. We’re…

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Colonial History of Fez, Morocco – USA Travel Article

Colonial History of Fez, Morocco More than 12 million tourists visited Morocco in 2018, and their numbers are certain to increase in 2019. And why not? This North African kingdom calls up to most foreigners an image of medieval mosques, archaic bazaars filled with handmade crafts, and medinas—those labyrinths of narrow alleys behind ancient walls.In Morocco, historic monuments seem as common as sparrows. This country has thirty-one medinas, or rather walled cities built in the premodern era. Of the twenty-two…

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