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Unique, Traditional, and Top-Rated Restaurants in Mexico – Travel Article

This post contains affiliate links. Mexico is a massive country, so making a list of the most notable restaurants in Mexico is no easy feat.  That’s why this article is going far beyond just the best restaurants in Mexico (though, I’ll tell you that too) to uncover: Top-rated restaurants in Mexico Chef’s choice: Top chefs’ favorite restaurants in Mexico The most unique restaurants in Mexico Street food stands in Mexico Traditional markets in Mexico Fast food in Mexico Cafes, bars,…

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10 Colorful Bodies of Water in Every Shade of the Rainbow – Travel Article

Although water appears clear in our sinks and glasses it actually does have a faint pale blue color, which becomes obvious anywhere it collects in large quantities like oceans, lakes, and streams. This is because of the way it both absorbs light and reflects the sky and is why growing up we were taught in school to always color the water in our crayon drawings a nice, deep, blue. But, our teachers were wrong. These ten colorful bodies of water…

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