Climbing Vesuvius Like a Boss – Travel Article

‘Along Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast lies an alarmingly large and historically deadly volcano.  Although it’s dangerous AF, climbing Vesuvius is a surprisingly popular activity… On a recent trip to Naples, Les and I had an amazing view of Vesuvius from our apartment terrace. However, we knew we could never settle for just looking at the iconic volcano. We were going to need to get climbing Vesuvius and see what all the fuss was about.We hopped a quick bus from Naples city…

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16 of the Best Day Trips From Rome Italy! – Couples Travel Article

16 of the Best Day Trips From Rome Italy! When visiting make sure to take time for one of these awesome day trips from Rome! The ancient city of Rome has enticed visitors from all around the world for centuries. There’s no denying the city’s magic. There are so many things to do in Rome you could spend years in the city and not see everything! At the same time, Rome cannot be fully appreciated without taking a moment to…

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