Travelettes » » The Australian Bushfire and the current mood in Sydney and Melbourne – Sweden Travel Article

Travelettes » » The Australian Bushfire and the current mood in Sydney and Melbourne Photo credit: Bert Knot Images of charred wildlife, apocalyptic smoke-filled red skies and flames roaring through forests have been plastered all over media channels recently, summing up the devastation caused by months of bushfires tearing through Australia. Despite the fires shocking the world, it’s hard to truly grasp the scale and effects of this disaster, let alone capture the feelings across the nation. In an attempt…

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Döda Fallet: The Dramatic Story of Sweden’s Dead Falls – Scandinavian Travel Article

Döda Fallet: The Dramatic Story of Sweden’s Dead Falls Once upon a time there was a waterfall known as Storforsen (the Great Rapids), which tumbled 35 meters (115 feet) out of Lake Ragunda along the Indalsälven river in Jämtland, Sweden. Yet in 1796, this mighty waterfall was silenced forever due to a combination of human interference and the power of nature. The site of one of Sweden’s most devastating natural disasters is now one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations.…

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New Zealand – Nature’s Tour De Force – Travel Article

Flying into Queenstown, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We did some research of course, but the natural marvels we encountered far exceeded our imagination and set NZ apart from all other destinations we’ve visited. Part of the credit certainly goes to the country’s Department of Conservation, which strictly manages and maintains its pristine national parks – which interestingly enough covers almost 50% of the entire South Island (check out this incredibly “green” map). What this means for any avid…

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Top Wildlife Experiences in Norway – Scandinavian Travel Article

Top Wildlife Experiences in Norway With one of the world’s longest coastlines, tens of thousands of islands, and mountains that cover two-thirds of the country’s surface, it’s no surprise that Norway is a place where nature takes center stage. In addition to an abundance of gorgeous scenery, the country offers excellent chances to see a wide range of wildlife, from seabirds to whales to muskoxen. Here are five of the best places to visit to experience the wild side of…

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Finding Serenity at Dumbanagala Chalet – Sri Lanka Travel Article

Finding Serenity at Dumbanagala Chalet We’ve always been two travel freaks who has itchy feet for lots of adventure travel. Adventurous but for some safe outings ! One fine day me and Malith made our minds that we would once again head towards the dazzling mountains in our hill country to tackle in some awesome travel experience. So the destination was locked. It was “Meemure” that we were gonna head to. A scenic spot in the Central Province of Sri…

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