Nepal – Totally amazing even without the trekking – Retirement Travel Article

Nepal – Totally amazing even without the trekking If you’ve seen my Facebook postings, you know I’ve become totally sick of travel.  Have now been on the road nearly 6 months, and so ready to go home.  However, I’m locked into my Frequent Flier Miles return ticket, and that has me being in Nepal for 30 days. What could I do for 30 days?  My body with its finicky knees and back can only do so much “soft” trekking.  …

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Trekking in Nepal | Retirednomad’s Blog – Retirement Travel Article

Trekking in Nepal | Retirednomad’s Blog I LOVED my trek.  That’s the bottom line – from someone who does NOT like to hike.  I am also 68 and have current serious back pain (pinched nerve) and recently had serious (as in not being able to walk) knee problems. Now, back in Pokhara, the location from which my 5 day/4 night Poon Hill Trek began, I want to share what it was like.  It was such a surprise, not at all…

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2018 Travel Year – Bilivoka – Norway Travel Article

2018 Travel Year – Bilivoka 2018 has almost come to an end and we look back on what we have done this year.  Our very first (mini) trip started in early January. That is when we travelled to Oslo in Norway to find a hidden airplane wreck. And surely we found it! Excavating the wreck from the snow was so exciting that we actually had to come back in the summer to see what it all looked like when the…

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