8 Best Places to Visit in The Netherlands – USA Travel Article

8 Best Places to Visit in The Netherlands Last Updated on October 30, 2019The Netherlands is an absolutely stunning European travel destination. It’s characterized by its flat land, old windmills, delicious cheese, colorful flower fields, and a plethora of bikes. More so, much of the Netherlands is below sea level, which has resulted in a ton of beautiful and enchanting canals—canals are one of the more famous aspects of this country.In addition to the beauty of the Netherlands, the country…

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The Culture Campsite is the Best Glamping Airbnb in Rotterdam – Travel Article

If you plan to use Airbnb in Rotterdam, there are plenty of awesome choices. You can sleep in the Cube Houses, on a boat or even in a windmill. But I think the best is the Culture Campsite.Architecture in RotterdamI like to think of Rotterdam as an architectural playground. After bombs and a subsequent fire destroyed the center of Rotterdam in World War II, the city has taken advantage of its rebuilding to push the limits of innovation. Most of…

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