Why Tiny Sleeps are Best in NYC – USA Travel Article

Why Tiny Sleeps are Best in NYC Let’s face it: accommodations in big cities eat up most of your travel budget. And in New York City, your money doesn’t get you quite as much as it does elsewhere. Similar to apartments, hotel rooms are generally smaller. But for me, that’s just fine. When I visit the city, I am happy to sacrifice the size of my room for great locations, reasonable prices, and hotel amenities. Here are just a few…

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‘A slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour’ – the best way to experience Brooklyn! – Travel Article

After being in a state of Pizza heaven, it was time to get back on to the bus, and we drove around the Brooklyn neighbourhoods and saw all the showstopping million dollar houses, my favourite being this Fairy tale like one, all whilst being told important and interesting facts about them by Paula, as well as the history of Brooklyn. She is so filled with knowledge having grown up there, and it really made a difference to the tour and…

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