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Best Time to Visit New Zealand: Month by Month Breakdown – Couples Travel Article

Best Time to Visit New Zealand: Month by Month Breakdown New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world and one of the most beautiful countries to visit for outdoor activities. With spectacular landscapes, snow-capped mountain peaks and exceptional lakes, glaciers and waterfalls, New Zealand is great for hiking and for winter sports.But given the seasonality of many activities here, it’s important to pick the best time to visit New Zealand, depending on what you are looking to see or experience…

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Best Countries to See Wildlife in the World – Travel Article

Some of the most rewarding travel experiences are when nature and wildlife are involved.When we delve into nature, we find ourselves more connected to the world around us. We’re present in the moment and can admire the wonder of the animals, insects, plants, and trees that envelope us. Not many things in the world match the brilliance of a close encounter with a wild animal in its natural habitat.If that’s something you want to experience, check out this list of some of…

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a four-day indulgence: The Kapiti Coast – Retirement Travel Article

a four-day indulgence: The Kapiti Coast Anticipating our three sets of successive visitors, with first arrivals due in about 2 ½ weeks (December 29), I’d done some research and, guess what:  NZ has a lot to see that I never even knew about! (NOTE:  This is the best planning website I’ve found: Coincidentally, I was feeling restless, as in “itchy feet,” and a mini-vacation seemed a clear solution.  From looking at that website I initially decided I wanted to…

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12 Must-know tips for a New Zealand motorhome road trip – Couples Travel Article

12 Must-know tips for a New Zealand motorhome road trip New Zealand is an ideal destination for a motorhome adventure! After years of dreaming about doing one, we finally decided to plan a motorhome road trip of our own. We spent 11 days exploring the South Island in winter, taking advantage of the stunning mountains, snowfields and great food along the way. We had an amazing time and wanted to share with you some of the things we did right and…

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View from the top – Redwoods Treewalk, New Zealand – Couples Travel Article

View from the top – Redwoods Treewalk, New Zealand New Zealand’s Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua – over 550m of connected bridges and platforms – takes you up to 20m into the branches of the world’s tallest trees. Being able to stroll from trunk to trunk of this magnificent forest is remarkable, but there are more surprises waiting along the way. Travel is all about finding a new perspective on the world – a different way of looking at things. Watching…

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New Zealand by Campervan – Everything You Need To Know For That Perfect Driving Holiday – Ticker Eats the World – Travel Article

I come from a family of travellers. My parents did not one but two Round the World trips at a time when most people who blog about their travel experiences weren’t even born. I was all of 4 years old at the time and accompanied them, although I don’t remember much from those trips. So, it comes as no surprise that they were also the first among my family and friends to head off on a campervan vacation. In their youth – mentally…

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