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21 Best Things To Do In Asheville North Carolina (Visitor’s Guide) – USA Travel Article

21 Best Things To Do In Asheville North Carolina (Visitor’s Guide) Fun Things To Do In AshevilleAsheville, North CarolinaAsheville has to be one of the coolest small cities on the East Coast, with a relaxed bohemian vibe and adventurous spirit. Here are some fun things to do there!Located in North Carolina’s scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville has a unique mix of hipster coffee shops, award-winning restaurants, outdoor activities, and more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the US.After hearing…

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Good Times in the Bull City – USA Travel Article

Good Times in the Bull City My travels within the South haven’t been complete. There are some holes in my map and the area known as “The Triangle” is one such. Made up of three cities, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, this part of North Carolina is home to dozens of universities and research centers. I decided early on in my high school days where I would go to college (Charleston, if you’re just now joining us), so I skipped…

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Belize, here I come! – The #1 Itinerary – Travel Article

This was the first time in a long time that I visited a Central American country. Belize, was truly something to be excited about. Home to the second biggest Barrier reef, I couldn’t wait to show you all the photos. Me holding my gopro photo courtesy of Hugo MorelFor this trip, I definitely had to buy a camera that took underwater photos. Belize has some awesome Caribbean beaches. The whole time I was at the store, I kept thinking how…

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