Norway Travel Blog – Tourism & Travel Guide: Car Rental Norway: Car Comparison by price in Norway – Norway Travel Article

Driving is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore the non major cities of Norway. Initially prices may seem exorbitant, but it is more affordable and even less strenouns to get a vehicle or even go by public transport. There are numerous car rental companies in Norway, so surely you can work out an interesting deal which for sure will not be as expensive as travelling by bus. Learn about Car Rental Norway with us! The broad variety of…

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Entering Norway’s Hidden WWII Heavy Water Factory – Bilivoka – Norway Travel Article

A large piece of Norway’s war history was assumed lost forever, until it was re-discovered in 2017. We have entered the infamous cellar where the heavy water for Germany’s nuclear bombs was produced. It is the night to 28th of February 1943. In the small industrial town of Rjukan in Norway all is cold and quiet. But that is about to change. Eleven members of the Norwegian resistance movement are climbing the steep ice-covered cliffs towards the hydrogen factory located…

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Norway Discount Cards | Northern Lights & Norway – Norway Travel Article

If you’re staying a couple of days or more in Oslo or Bergen and intend to experience some of the great museums, attractions and tours, we recommend the Oslo Pass and/or Bergen Card. These discount cards allow you to avail of free city transport and discounts and can really save you money. Both cards are available for 24, 48 or 72 hours and are activated from the first time you use them. They may be purchased in advance by customers…

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