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9 Hidden Gems to Inspire You to Visit — Nordic Wanders – Scandinavian Travel Article

9 Hidden Gems to Inspire You to Visit — Nordic Wanders Read on for 9 non-crowded places to visit when making your way to Northern Norway in summer!Northern Norway is probably already on your bucket list, however, while most people flock to Norway’s north in winter to see the Northern Lights, the region is a lot less crowded during summertime. Apart from the Lofoten Islands, that is. In the same way as everyone heads to Tromsø to see the Northern…

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Western Norway’s Secret Island: Utsira — Nordic Wanders – Norway Travel Article

Another hike you should definitely do is the Viking Path (Vikingløypa) which leads you over rocks and marshland (careful, though: I hurt my ankle when jumping off a rock!), past several stunning bays that invite for a swim in the summer to remains of Iron Age settlements. The hike starts in the neighbourhood above the grocery store and leads to the lighthouse. It takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on where you depart and whether or not you…

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