25 Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci – Sweden Travel Article

25 Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci Want to know more about Leonardo Da Vinci? Here are 25 interesting facts about Leonardo Da Vinci that you probably didn’t know before!He’s one of the greatest artists in historyFew people in the world have missed the paintings, inventions, and discoveries that Leonardo da Vinci made during his lifetime. Only a small percentage has made a similar impact on the world we’re living in today. Da Vinci made drawings of things that weren’t invented…

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Road trip through Italy – one day in Rome, food and city tips – Budapest Travel Article

Road trip through Italy – one day in Rome, food and city tips The road trip through Italy gets to the 2017 phase. Since the New Year’s Eve was over, I was expecting to see a lot less people. Oh my, how I was wrong! There’s an old saying that all the roads lead to Rome. And it is true, or else I can’t explain the hordes of people in the streets of this eternal city. Arriving to Roma Termini…

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Why I left Budapest (2/2) – Budapest Travel Article

Why I left Budapest (2/2) I left Budapest in July 2017 after 3.5 years of living in this beautiful capitol. This is a part 2 of my series about the reasons that led me to quitting Budapest. Read the first part about how the city changed, and how tourism shapes it. Or just be a rebel, and read the second part first. Right now. Living in the heart of Budapest has endless advantages, but brings surprising disadvantages, too. The city…

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