The Best Caldo Verde Recipe – Spain Travel Article

The Best Caldo Verde Recipe Today Melissa shares one of the most quintessential Portuguese recipes — and lets us in on the secrets behind a homemade caldo verde recipe! If you want a taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine, this caldo verde recipe is the perfect project. Simple and delicious, it’s a crowd-pleasing favorite that makes for an easy lunch, a festive first course, or even a late-night snack (more on that later). A bowl of homemade caldo verde topped with…

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Dog Friends, New Recipes & Celebrations – J Bird Runs – Budapest Travel Article

Dog Friends, New Recipes & Celebrations – J Bird Runs Bennie The Dog and I made some friends in our neighborhood. There is a great enclosed area behind a couple of the condos in our subdivision where they can all run around together. It’s pretty cute to watch them go for it. On Saturday, John & I went to a local event where you walked through a bunch of different stores down town & tried wine and beer. It was…

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A colourful weekend and Gajar Ka Halwa with Rabri Mousse and Shahi Tukda – IshitaUnblogged – Travel Article

Colour is my day-long obsession and torment ∼ Claude Monet I love this time of the year. All the universal forces seem to collide together to align all the things that I love – festive colours of Holi, magical full moon, new energy and fresh vibration of spring (equinox and all those things) and a bit of celebration. Because… my birthday somehow manages to glide into it all every year! At work front too, we had a bit of a…

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