Agreste de Fabio & Roser, El Coll – Spain Travel Article

Agreste de Fabio & Roser, El Coll Agreste de Fabio & Roser is in the hills of Barcelona. In El Coll, the hills are so steep that some of the streets come with an escalator to move the aged population up and down. Hills with stairs bifurcating roads and orange apartment blocks encroaching from the side. Add some tiles and a zippy yellow tram and we might be in Lisbon.There is more visual distinction to come. Agreste is in a…

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New Year’s Eve in Stockholm 2019 – Sweden Travel Article

New Year’s Eve in Stockholm 2019 Let us take a little break from Christmas and concentrate on New Year’s Eve. It is just around the corner! If you are visiting the city during this holiday, then I hope you have started figuring out your New Year’s Eve plans because some restaurants are starting to fill up already. This is not an evening when you want to “wing it” when it comes to dining & dancing! Here are some things you…

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Olivos Comida y Vinos, European, Sants – Spain Travel Article

Olivos Comida y Vinos, European, Sants Increasingly, if you want to go the independent route with food, you are probably looking at the Sants neighbourhood. The reason? Cost.The restaurant business is ruthless. With 12% margins the best-case scenario. High start-up costs, people heavy and high perishables. Even non-math people will see that it doesn’t add up.Barcelona is a particularly brutal market. High competition. With one seating for dinner to rake in the cash. People here eat late and take their…

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Restaurant L’Avventura – Sweden Travel Article

Restaurant L’Avventura Stockholmers have been talking about the restaurant L’Avventura for the past year (since they opened), and I had heard lots of great things, so I was happy to get the chance to try it out when visiting friends suggested dining here last night. L’Avventura is currently the place to go in Stockholm if you want delicious Italian cuisine in a pretty spectacular/historic setting.Beautiful Pompeii inspired murals from the 1920’sLocated near Odenplan, on the boulevard Sveavägen, the restaurant is…

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The Fjäderholmarna Islands – Sweden Travel Article

The Fjäderholmarna Islands Arriving at Fjäderholmarna I have written a few articles about eating dinner at the restaurant Fjäderholmarnas Krog (for example, last year). However, this past weekend I decided to treat my visiting parents to lunch at the restaurant and visit some of the businesses there that are only open during the day, which one misses when dining there in the evening.Catching the ferry in Gamla Stan Fjäderholmarna means “the feather islands” and is made up of four islands,…

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