60 Best Road Trip Songs from My Playlist to Rock the Long Drive – Travel Article

A long, boring road trip can be turned into a long rocking drive if you have a great list of road trip songs in your playlist. My husband and I love long hours of a road trip and often, we plan to hit the road. It is like an energy booster for us. We enjoy listening to classic old and modern songs, sip tea/coffee from the roadside stalls, occasionally stop to embrace the journey and gazing at the views. We…

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13 Memorable Best Road Experiences in India to have with your Best Friend – Travel Article

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” After 28 years, I can say that I have a few friends with whom I have shared almost 15-16 years of my life. The journey of friendship begins with them from school, which continued till today. Maybe we don’t talk so frequently, because life is too busy now tied up with so many responsibilities. But whenever I talk to them, I feel relief. Like me, you too have such excellent best buddies…

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