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How to Do the Galápagos on a Budget – Travel Article

Pin me! It seems like just about everyone has heard of the Galápagos Islands. If you didn’t hear about it from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in science class, then maybe you’ve seen it on Planet Earth or a National Geographic documentary. The Galápagos is famous for being one of the most ecologically unique places on planet Earth and up until recently, I always thought it was effectively off limits to budget backpackers. So is it a group of islands…

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The Best Hotel in Miraflores Lima, Peru: A Full Review Of Our Stay in The Aloft Lima Miraflores – Travel Article

When looking for a hotel there are three main criteria that the hotel needs to meet for us to fall in love with it. The hotel needs to be well located, needs to be cozy and comfortable and have a unique vibe or atmosphere. Aloft Miraflores in Lima, Peru meets all the criteria and which is why we choose this hotel to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. Even though on this trip we did not travel with our dogs…

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Twenty, Nineteen & The Time I Missed A Flight For Wine – Travel Article

This is not a countdown backwards from 20, it’s the year we are living in the present. And it’s almost weird to keep coming back here to rehash events of the past. It is also crazy that stories 2 years in my past, is also someone else’s present, and near future. Time is indeed a finicky thing. Crawling by the minute when in anticipation, speeding by when you least expect it. To consistently look back and think about the past…

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