Foreigner-Friendly Tokyo Sports Clubs to Join This Summer – Tokyo Travel Article

Foreigner-Friendly Tokyo Sports Clubs to Join This Summer Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means: the sun will be out, the days will get longer and many of us will be itching to get a good game of ball on after a busy workweek. Thankfully, Tokyo has plenty of sports fields in both the city and the ‘burbs. And especially when it comes to sports, things are more fun with company. Thus, we present you…

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30+ Best European Destinations in Summer • Travel with Mei and Kerstin – Couples Travel Article

30+ Best European Destinations in Summer • Travel with Mei and Kerstin Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. – Jenny HanI don’t know who Jenny Han really is. But it doesn’t matter. I like this quote and I totally agree with what she says about the months between June and August. Or perhaps, I am biased since I was born in July. And Kerstin in August. For us, July and August are the happiest…

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Meet the wildlife of Scandinavia – Scandinavian Travel Article

Meet the wildlife of Scandinavia Scandinavia’s wildlife is more diverse than you might expectAfrica; the Galápagos Islands; the Amazon Rainforest; all are recognised as some of the best destinations in the world for wildlife watching. Yet Scandinavia also deserves a place on your travel hotlist if you’re seeking incredible wildlife encounters on your next trip. In fact, Finland was voted World’s Best Destination for Wildlife Travel on the True Luxury Travel’s Global Wildlife Travel Index for 2019. So whether it’s…

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The Fjäderholmarna Islands – Sweden Travel Article

The Fjäderholmarna Islands Arriving at Fjäderholmarna I have written a few articles about eating dinner at the restaurant Fjäderholmarnas Krog (for example, last year). However, this past weekend I decided to treat my visiting parents to lunch at the restaurant and visit some of the businesses there that are only open during the day, which one misses when dining there in the evening.Catching the ferry in Gamla Stan Fjäderholmarna means “the feather islands” and is made up of four islands,…

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Stories inspired by Scandinavia | Best Served Scandinavia – Scandinavian Travel Article

Stories inspired by Scandinavia | Best Served Scandinavia Real-life Scandinavian destinations that inspired the world’s most beloved storiesScandinavia’s landscapes have been the storybook setting for many of our favourite authors, be it Roald Dahl, whose childhood-defining characters danced onto the page from memories of mystical pine forests, or Philip Pullman, whose armoured polar bears roamed the wilds of glacial Svalbard. With the release of Pullman’s latest offering in the Book of Dust series, and the much-anticipated BBC adaptation of His…

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Ethical and thoughtful gifts for travellers – Couples Travel Article

Ethical and thoughtful gifts for travellers Easily find thoughtful gifts for travellers with this handy list of beautiful items they will love, whether they have limited baggage space or absolutely everything already. No matter what time of the year it is, February 14th, Christmas, a special anniversary, birthday or wedding is always just around the corner. So, from the ethically sourced to the practically obvious, check out the best thoughtful gifts for travellers and holiday-lovers… A Shore Thing Jewelry creates stunning…

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