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How much do YOU know about sustainable transport? – Sweden Travel Article

How much do YOU know about sustainable transport? For our Sustainability Campaign in June, we are looking at Sustainable Transport! Check out this great video by student ambassador Judith for some facts about sustainable transport: Now, are you ready to put your sustainable transport knowledge to the test? Try out our quiz! Which of the following modes of transport produces the least carbon emissions? a) Trainb) Bicyclec) Airplane In 2015, which city in Sweden was named the most sustainable for…

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How I travel around in Gothenburg – Scandinavian Travel Article

How I travel around in Gothenburg If you’ve been following our Instagram this week, you’ll have seen our posts about sustainable transport. Here are the main ways I travel around my city and how I rate each transport method on my (pretty unscientific and mostly subjective) sustainability scale! Bike  Before I moved to Gothenburg, the thought of cycling in cities was a bit scary to me – I’d seen too many angry motorists in the UK to feel like taking…

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